Review: The X-ed Out X-Ray by Ron Roy

Title: The X-ed Out X-Ray
Author: Ron Roy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 85
Genre: Children's Fiction
Stand-Alone or Series: Series; A to Z Mysteries #24
Summary: "X" is for "X-RAY," . .
 Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are having an excellent time at the Penelope Gwinn concert. But during intermission, Dink injures his arm At the same time, the singer's diamond necklace is stolen. Could the two mishaps somehow be connected? And could Dink's X-ray be a clue? It's up to the kids to examine the evidence and find out in this exciting yet easy-to-read chapter book mystery.

My Thoughts:
 I used to do volunteer work with little kids all the time & one of my favorite parts was helping to teach the littlies how to read. So every now & then I like to take a break from the YA/Adult books & review a children's book. Unfortunately this one wasn't the best. As children's books go this one just seemed kind of bland to me. I kept waiting for that moment when I'd see that extra something, but for me it just didn't happen. I wasn't a huge fan of the illustrations on this one either. To be completely honest the drawings on the back kind of gave me the creeps.
 In all, I thought this one was just alright.


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