Review: No Room For Dessert by Hallie Durand & Christine Davenier

Title: No Room For Dessert
Author: Hallie Durand & Christine Davenier
Format: eGalley(Simon & Schuster Galley Grab)
Pages: 192
Genre: Children's Fiction
Stand-Alone or Series: Series

Summary(from GoodReads):
   All of a sudden it seems like Dessert’s life story is being written in invisible ink! It’s getting harder and harder believe that anyone in the Schneider house even remembers that she lives there. Her school picture hanging on the fridge? Covered! The promise of burritos? Forgotten! Her baby brother doesn’t even know her name! (He calls her “dirt.”) Dessert decides that she needs a plan to get back on her family’s radar—and hopefully make them all feel like “dirt” for a change.
   Let there be lightbulbs! Dessert has an idea. All she has to do is win her classroom’s invention contest, which should be a piece o’ cake. But, things get worse before they get bad, Dessert would need all the double fudge sundaes in the world to make her feel like herself again—or maybe just a surprising new friend.

My Thoughts:
   I started to skip reading No Room For Dessert. My thought process was basically "Can a children's book really be good enough to keep my interest?". Well, I'm glad I decided to read it, because the answer to that question was yes. I'm not going to say this book was good for a children's book. It was a good book period. Cute & light with a good message: your parents will always love you, no matter what. It was also chock full of laugh out loud humor, & I mean that literally. Some parts of this book were so funny I felt the need to share them. Not only did it have me laughing, but my Mama & Granny too! Any book that can keep adults entertained while still being appropriate for kids is a winner to me. I also really enjoyed the sketches & illustrations throughout the book. Make sure you & your family save room for Dessert!

*~Clean Read~*
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