In My Mailbox: November/December Edition {6}

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(Image made by me, Ren.)

   Hey y'all. I hope y'all had a great Christmas & New Year. I know this IMM is a bit late, but it took me a while to get the pictures taken & then my camera died before I could upload them. I did include a couple of "bonus" pictures I hope y'all will like & I stopped off at a special place with a storm moving in to take one of these pictures. Also, there is something that doesn't belong in one of them. It's small & I'm wondering if anyone will notice. ;) Also, I reached 100(now 101) GFC followers & I just want to say THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH! My birthday is on the 22 of this month & I am planning a "100 Follower Birthday Bash" giveaway to celebrate both. Okay now on to the books . . . 

First off a couple of presents form my parents...
From my parents for Christmas....
All I have to say with this one is
YAY!!!!! =)
From my parents for Christmas
& again YAY!!!!! =)
by Stephanie Newton
by Margaret Daley
by Jillian hart
From my "adopted granny" as I call her. She's a friend of the family that knows how much I love to read & sent me a few of her Christian Fiction(Steeple Hill a Harlequin imprint) books.
( There was a storm moving in which is why everything looks a bit gray. I know a lot of y'all loved my outdoor pictures & I wanted to switch things up a bit. What do y'all think?)
For Review:
by Jennifer E. Smith
(Thank you to Poppy/Little Brown)
by Elisa Ludwig
(Thank you to HarperTeen)
Won In Giveaway:
by Christina Meredith
From Eleni @ La Femme Readers
(I won of a pre-order for this a while back & am glad it's here)
~ Perfect Chemistry*signed copy*
by Simone Elkeles
From Cindy @ Princess Bookie
(Won in Oct. & it came in in Nov.)
~ Crossed*ARC*
by Ally Condie
From Angela @ Reading Angel
~ Glow*ARC*
by Amy Kathleen Ryan
From Mickey @ I'm A Book Shark

Not Pictured:

by Douglas Rees
From NetGalley
by Jessie Harrell
Nook Book from my Mama for Christmas
by Sarah Mlynowski
Nook Book bought for 99 cents

Unfortunately Sandy Girl wasn't available for a photoshoot this time as she was *ahem* otherwise engaged...

Nap time.
Since Sandy Girl wasn't available I decided to include a picture of another animal WHO has been hanging around lately...

Not the best photo quality wise, but doesn't it just scream "I'm ready for my close up dahling" ? Haha

All in all a great couple of months book-wise.


  1. Great books!!! And you know I love your dog, but that owl! How cool!! :o) Thanks for sharing!

    Mickey @

  2. Wow! So many books. They all look really good. I still have yet read Crossed! I hope you enjoy all the books you got. Let me know how you liked Kiss Crush Collide. I'm hesitant to pick that one up.

    Happy Reading Ren!

    I won't have my IMM post up until Sunday :]

  3. Love the pictures of that owl. I've never seen an owl look that pretty before!

    I seriously thought the picture of Grimm's Fairy Tales was like a commercial picture, I didn't realize you took it til I scrolled down and saw the stack of books picture.

    Love the outdoor pic by the beach! awesome!
    This is definitely the most interesting IMM I've seen in forever.

    (I just realized I didn't even really say anything about the actual books, lol! But Crossed YAY! Signed Perfect Chemistry - More awesomeness! Love that book!)

  4. Oh, those all look good, how will you ever decide which to read first?
    Cute pictures, too!
    How's Obsidian coming? Or did you end up reading it?
    You should really add Under the Never Sky to your TBR pile (as if it's not big enough I'm sure). It's really good and clean.

  5. @Mickey =) Glad you liked the pictures!

  6. @Jessirae I'll definitely check yours out on Sunday! I'm kind of looking forward to Kiss Crush Collide. I haven't heard a ton about it, but I'll let you know when I start it. =)

  7. @Tara =) We used to have an owl even bigger than that one in our backyard. Living so close to the woods we have all sorts of critters around here.

    Thanks for the compliments about the pictures & my IMM! I'm glad you liked them!

    I've never read Perfect Chemistry, so I was psyched when I won a copy. I didn't even know it was going to be signed until I got it :P

  8. @Rachel Haha Usually it's pretty much decided for me. Review books have to be read by a certain date so they take priority. Though I do sneak in one of my own books now & then if I can & it's one I REALLY want to read. ;)

    Obsidian's pretty good, but there is quite a bit of language. Not all of it's profanity, but there is cussing & some pretty strong slang. =( Over all it's good I just wish it was cleaner, you know?

    I'll have to look in to that one. Thanks for the recommendation! =)

  9. Yeah, I wish a lot of books were cleaner. I can't wait for your review (and the content review) of Obsidian! Also, have you ever read Touch by Jus Accardo? I heard it's kind of like Shatter Me (have you read that one?),which I liked, but I wondered if you'd read that one and your thoughts on it.

  10. Great set! So cool that you got Statistical Probability! And the Grimm's book looks gorgeous.
    My IMM

  11. @Rachel I know. Hopefully I can get some more reading done & you won't have to wait too long for that review & content review. I've been having trouble finding time to read much lately.

    I haven't read either of those actually.

  12. @Alison Can Read I was so happy when I unwrapped that Grimm's book on Christmas, my parents know me so well =) lol

    So far Statistical Probability is really good. It's too heavy or anything, just a nice clean cute read.

    I will definitely go check out your IMM. Thanks for leaving the link! =)


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